Are You Informed?

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ipad on placemat

I don’t watch the news.  In fact, when I pass by a television set that is showing a news broadcast, I do my best to exit the venue as quickly as possible. And yet, I will contend that I am as informed and as well-advised as any news junkie.

Here’s why:

1. We know the news doesn’t tell every relevant fact about a news story. This is because they have a very limited amount of time to devote to each story and they simply can’t tell everything we need to know to form an educated opinion.

2. What they do tell, we can’t count on as being unbiased. Political influence has reached into the mainstream news media, both from the left and the right.

3. The information we get to prepare for anything is inaccurate and incomplete.

4. I pay attention to the weather, which I can get from the web.

5. The local news stories are all posted on Facebook, or my friends and family tell me about them.

What else would I need? Our Church leaders have given us counsel to have an emergency evacuation kit with food and water for at least three days. We have been counseled to stay out of debt and to store food and supplies.

Do you know someone who has been getting irritable and depressed?  Ask them how much of the news they’re watching and reading. Turning off the news and putting away the newspapers can produce an amazing improvement in disposition.

So are you more informed than I am by watching what you know is misinformation? And what are you doing with it? And how is it making you feel?

By turning off the hate and untruth, I am more able to listen to the Spirit of Truth, which will keep me informed of everything I need to know.

Are you in?

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