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Consumer Security Book is coming!

Update: At the beginning of 2017 I reorganized my work on the book and got the text written. It took a little over three months. I have a cover, and it’s at this moment in the hands of an editor … Continue reading

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The Case Against Mass Surveillance

NOTE: this post was published in June of 2016, but it was gone from my post listings when I went looking for it to optimize it. Fortunately, my RSS feed had published it in its entirety. The content is still … Continue reading

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Spatty review – Get the last of that stuff out of the bottle

What is this? This is a Spatty. It’s a tiny little device that has made me soooooooooo happy! The spatty has a rigid plastic handle and a soft plastic tip that allows me to scrape down into the sides and … Continue reading

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Orchestrated Divisiveness

Let’s address the elephant in the room: I’m a middle-aged white female, so the viewpoint is going to come from that angle. It’s also important that you know that I do not watch the news, and I’ll explain later why … Continue reading

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Making My Coupons App Work With My Grocery List

I am waiting for someone to create an iPhone app that will allow my scanned coupons to work with my grocery list. I’d love to be able to select “lunch meat” and have the app tell me, “You have a … Continue reading

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The Pigeon

Something caught my eye this morning as I was going about my normal routine, a movement just outside my apartment window. I turned and saw a pigeon standing on his side of the ledge, peering at me through the glass. … Continue reading

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In a well-meaning article from MIT, a “living wage calculator” showed the difference between the current minimum wage in various states and the costs of living under different circumstances in the different counties in those states. The project was designed … Continue reading

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Let’s See if I Can Provoke a Lawyer

NutriBullet Nutri-Bullet Nutri Bullet Nutribullet I’ve spelled it as many ways as I can think of that will still trigger the spider crawling the web for the hyperactive lawyers for the Nutribullet company. I follow a blog called Lazy Man … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Demand Excellence

The money I spend on things represents an exchange of excellence. It represents the fruits of my best efforts exchanged with the fruits of my employer’s best efforts. As such, when I purchase something, I expect the fruits of the … Continue reading

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Cyberbullying Has Very Little to do with the “Cyber” Part

To begin with, I do not want to be interpreted as not having sympathy for victims of bad behavior. In fact, the whole reason behind my other blog ( is to empower people to make use of technology to increase … Continue reading

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