Consumer Security Book is coming!


At the beginning of 2017 I reorganized my work on the book and got the text written. It took a little over three months. I have a cover, and it’s at this moment in the hands of an editor for the second pass through.  I think it’ll probably be early in 2018 when I get all the work done and get it published.


originally posted 7/4/2016

I haven’t been putting a lot of material up lately because I’ve been working on getting a book ready for publishing. Coming to an e-reader or computer or smartphone near you, Digital Safety for the Digitally Naive: Every User’s Guide to Staying CyberSafe. This book is a comprehensive advisory and tutorial to help you avoid losing your data, your identity, and perhaps even your dignity.

I’ve finished up the content, I think (unless something else thumps me on the head while I’m in the next steps), and I’m preparing to start the formatting preparatory to the actual publishing process.

Look for an announcement on this site, my twitter account @yanqui, and on the Grown Up Tech Facebook page.

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