Fishing Fun – Kudos to the Crew of the Destiny

My family lives in a rural area and it suits us well. We enjoy outside activities that put us in fresh air and challenge our bodies. Particularly, boys need adventure in their lives and it can be difficult to find time to provide that for them. Our guys are teenagers and they love the outdoors. They do pretty much everything that can be done outdoors. They have been wanting for some time to go on a deep-sea fishing trip, and we promised them we’d make it happen.

Fishing poles lined up along the rail of the deck

Ready to FISH! Rigs lined up on the deck of the Destiny

This promise was initialized back in the summer, while Red Snapper was still available. Due to various other commitments and the two weekend trips to Louisiana, we just couldn’t pull it off before mid-November. Looking at the calendar, the only other free weekend we were seeing was the weekend of Veterans Day.  That was to be THE weekend for our fishing trip. Early in the week I searched and found some wonderful information on a party boat.  We would be able to hop onto it Friday morning, and leave out by about 8 a.m. for an eight-hour trip of fishing.

False Start

The family got up at 4 a.m., packed sandwiches, drinks, and snacks, and took off for Destin, FL. We found the waterfront but we weren’t able to find the boat I had researched earlier in the week.  We walked down the docks till we found a booking center for a different pair of boats, the Destin Princess and the Destiny. Both were booked for Friday but we booked our trip for Saturday on the Destiny, an 8-hour fishing excursion, and headed back home. It’s not all that far for us, about a two-hour drive each way, and it was a holiday so we weren’t crushed.

booking center on the Destin Waterfront

Booking Center and check-in point

passengers preparing to board

Getting ready to board



The Destiny

The Destiny, captained by Captain Kendrick, crewed by some of the best hands on the Gulf


On deck, heading out to the Gulf

Relaxing on deck as we got underway

Leaving protected waters

The view from the deck as we were heading out of the protected waters

Of course the captain has no control over the weather, but his crew sure made the rest of the fishing trip enjoyable and memorable.

Seagulls following boat

We couldn’t have asked for prettier weather. The seagulls here followed us for only a short time before giving up on their hope of an easy meal.


Very calm waters

Barely ripples on the water, and as the day moved on it got even more still.

Rigged and ready

The crew had our rods rigged with two hooks. Part of the trip included instruction on how to bait the hook for best results.




the wake of the boat

There’s really nothing significant in this image, just to show that on a day like this, even the wake of the boat is pretty.

upper deck

The upper deck of the Destiny can seat 14 passengers.


looking down the side        rod and reel       getting ready to fish      getting ready to fish

bait and fish

We were provided with a basket to hold the catch, which we periodically transferred to our numbered stringer, and a bucket with squid and another bait fish.


untanglingcrew fileting the catch      Kyle with the catch      Dylan with the catch      Greeters as we came back to the dock

My Family’s Takeaway

A couple of notes on this trip: Neither my husband nor I had been offshore fishing for more than 20 years, and the boys had never gone offshore, so we all took 1 Dramamine about an hour before departure. I don’t know if we would have needed it, because the water was perfect all day. But we knew we didn’t want to have anything interfering with our trip.

I cannot say enough good about the captain and crew of the Destiny. We knew exactly what to expect and they delivered. They showed us how to fish, how to have fun doing it, how to stay safe, they helped us land the fish, and untangle our tangles. At the end of the trip, they filleted them for us–four cuts with a sharp knife, and we had two fillets per fish.

I can highly recommend this company if you decide you want to go deep-sea fishing. The Destiny Princess will take you on a shorter trip, closer inland, but either boat will provide you with a family adventure.



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