Resurrection–or rebirth from the ashes?

I got a bit scatterbrained and confused toward the end of 2013, and as a result I did not get this domain and blog transferred before I terminated my service with 1&1.  Oops–lesson learned: make a list and follow the steps–in order!  As you can see, I finally got everything moved and activated.  It is going to take me several weeks to get all the posts back into place, and I know I lost some.  However, thanks to two incredibly useful tools, I have most everything.

If you are not familiar with the “Wayback” machine, you should be.  It is the nickname for’s snapshots of wayyyyy too many websites to keep count of–although they have counted them. had sixteen snapshots since its inception, but those sixteen snapshots provided quite a lot of redundancy. If you remember having seen a website that is no longer up and running, check the Wayback Machine to see if there’s a snapshot of it.

The other tool is Qumana, the blogging software I was using before I started using the WordPress tools. Qumana is a free program for the Mac platform, and it had saved each post I had written using it. It is nice and easy to use, but as my blogging goals evolved, the tools in Qumana just weren’t going to be able to keep up.

Neither tool has provided copies of the comments, though. That’s a shame.

If you notice the byline, I figured Lazarus would be an appropriate pseudonym; it’s a little more believable and less cheesy than “Phoenix.”

The appearance of this site will undergo some changes as I try to get it back to the state it was in when I lost it. I had put a lot of work into it, getting it set up just right, and now I can’t remember what all I did to it. It was also with a different hosting service, so I don’t know how much that will affect what I can do to make it look just like it did before.

So welcome back to Southernfriedyanqui dot com, and man, it’s good to be back up and running!

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