Spatty review – Get the last of that stuff out of the bottle

close up of Spatty

What is this?

This is a Spatty. It’s a tiny little device that has made me soooooooooo happy! The spatty has a rigid plastic handle and a soft plastic tip that allows me to scrape down into the sides and bottom of containers to get every last bit of substance. Let me show you.

What does the Spatty do?

I didn’t realize I wanted to write this blog post until I saw how well the Spatty does what it does.  One of my pet peeves is the amount of liquid foundation makeup that sticks to the sides and bottom of the bottle that you can only use if you stand the bottle on its head and let it all drain to the lid. The problem with that is that when you take the lid off, you have a mess!  The Spatty lets you scrape all that stuff off the sides and bottom, with some exceptions. This bottle has a right-angled neck, so the corners of that angle are not going to be reachable with the Spatty.

front of bottle cleaned


You can see in this picture that the Spatty has scraped a lot of the foundation liquid from the sides of the bottle.

side of bottle scraped

bottom of bottle showing scrapeEven down to the bottom of the bottle!

bottle scraped nearly clean

There will be some parts that the Spatty can’t get to, but I think it’s pretty impressive that I was able to scrape the bottle nearly clean. At the point where I would have previously thrown the bottle away, I had almost two weeks of use still left in the bottle.

What else do I use a Spatty for?

I have an eye cream that is thicker and creamier than my moisturizer, it’s actually a cream rather than a lotion. But the jar it comes in has an opening about an inch in diameter. That’s just enough room to get my finger in it, but not big enough to do so without getting the cream under my fingernail. The product costs enough that I don’t want to waste it by washing it off my nails down the drain, and I can’t do a good enough job of getting it out of my nails to use on my face. Enter the Spatty – I can pick up just enough of the cream to use on my face without wasting it on my nails.

Where can you get a Spatty and how much does it cost?

I got mine at Walmart for just under five dollars. It’s already saved me that much in the makeup I scraped out of the bottle. I haven’t used it anywhere else in my home, because my personal care products are the only bottles I can’t get my hand into. I hope this tiny little device makes a fortune for its creator, because they deserve it!

Here’s a link to it on Walmart’s site

Here it is on Amazon – a little more expensive but if you were adding it to another order it might be worth it. (Disclaimer – this is an affiliate link. What does that mean? Click here to find out).

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